I recently had the opportunity to try Ugly Coyote Cigars, and I must say, I was quite impressed with their quality and variety. Ugly Coyote Cigars is a renowned brand that has gained a reputation for producing cigars with exceptional craftsmanship and flavor.

Ugly Coyote cigars are actually cheroots and are also considered to be called American style cigars. These are the type of cigars you would see Clint Eastwood smoke. Cheroots are known for their unique appearance. They are often straight or slightly tapered and lack the traditional rounded head found in most cigars and rougher look construction. Cheroots typically have both ends open, allowing the smoker to light either end and draw smoke through the cigar.

Here’s my review and an overview of some of the different options they provide:

  1. Construction and Appearance: The construction of Ugly Coyote Cigars is top-notch. Each cigar is meticulously hand-rolled, resulting in a solid and well-made product. The wrappers are visually appealing, with a rich and oily texture, indicating the use of high-quality tobacco leaves. The cigars have a consistent firmness and a satisfying weight in the hand.
  2. Flavor Profiles: Ugly Coyote Cigars offers a wide range of flavor profiles to cater to various preferences. Whether you enjoy mild and smooth cigars or prefer bold and robust flavors, they have something to suit every palate. In the Cheroot line they offer flavored selections. Their lineup includes:
    • Classic Connecticut: These cigars provide a mellow and creamy smoking experience. They feature a Connecticut wrapper, which imparts a smooth and subtle flavor with hints of cedar, nuts, and a touch of sweetness.
    • Spicy Maduro: For those who appreciate a bolder smoke, Ugly Coyote‘s Spicy Maduro cigars are an excellent choice. Wrapped in a dark and oily Maduro wrapper, these cigars deliver a rich, full-bodied experience with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and spice.
    • Aged Reserva: Ugly Coyote also offers a line of aged cigars, providing a more refined and complex smoking experience. These cigars are crafted using well-aged tobacco leaves, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors, including earthiness, leather, and subtle sweetness.
    • Cheroots: Offered in several infused flavors including Chocolate, Honey Berry, Cherry and Berry.
  3. Sizes and Formats: Another aspect that I appreciate about Ugly Coyote Cigars is their diverse selection of sizes and formats. They offer various options to cater to different smoking preferences, including robusto, toro, Churchill, and even smaller vitolas like coronas and petite coronas. This range allows smokers to choose the size that suits their smoking time and desired intensity.
  4. Price and Value: Considering the overall quality and craftsmanship of Ugly Coyote Cigars, I find their pricing to be very reasonable. While they may not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, the cigars’ construction, flavor, and smoking experience justify the investment. They provide good value for those who appreciate high-quality cigars.

In conclusion, Ugly Coyote Cigars are a brand that consistently delivers in terms of construction, flavor, and variety. With their range of flavor profiles, sizes, and formats, they cater to a wide range of cigar enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of milder cigars or prefer something bolder and more complex, Ugly Coyote has options to satisfy your taste. I would highly recommend giving them a try if you’re looking for a premium smoking experience.

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